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At the college students' apartment, Cassie asks Paige if she has to go to the studio. Paige says yes, but she has to finish her spreadsheet before her parents come. Cassie tells her it's not like she is going to be a sister wife: she got the lead part in Locked and it isn't so bad. Paige confesses that her dad is a teacher and education means everything to him. If she drops out, she'll be the first person in her family not to get a college degree. Jake asks why her spreadsheet is just a mess of random numbers, which Paige says if her dad's mantra: numbers don't lie.
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The spreadsheet is proof that Paige can still be in school and do the movie. Cassie suddenly receives a phone call and leaves, saying she has to go for biology. She adds that she'll be home later so they can clean up the apartment before Paige's parents come. Jake says he thought biology was on Tuesdays, but Cassie says it's not bio but psychology. Cassie wishes her luck as she leaves.  
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Jake asks if there is any reason Nina wants to see Paige, but Paige says it isn't to fire her as she hasn't done anything yet. She asks Jake if he wants to have coffee later. Jake, however, says he got a call from that agent who read his script and he wants a meeting. Paige is ecstatic and says why he didn't tell them earlier. They hug, and Paige begins to says how incredible it is that someone like that read their script. She falters, and they silently look at each other's eyes. She composes herself and finishes her sentence. They look at each other again, but Paige breaks away. She starts to bubble, saying they have to talk about that talk they've been talking about. Jake, smirking a bit, comments about how well he can interpret her speech. But he says he does know they have to talk, and that they'll do it later. They both wish each other luck as she leaves for the studio.  At Jordan's house, Nina wakes a sleeping Jordan, telling him she has no idea what will happen if anyone found out about them as she strokes his chest. Jordan says they're both adults and there's nothing wrong with what they're doing. Nina, however, does say
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it's wrong. She straddles his hips, and says it's all part of the fun. Jordan turns her over, so that they are on their sides, and begin kissing.   In the background, Barrett Hopper is giving a report about Nina on television. They both stop at the sound of fighting, and turn to look at the TV.
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A video of Jordan and Rainer's fight is shown, and Nina curses him. Barrett announces that the fight was sparked by Rainer finding out his girlfriend Tangey Turner was cheating on him with Jordan, his supposed best friend. Jordan asks Nina how Barrett knows of this. Barrett continues his report, saying his secret source confessed Jordan had too much to drink and Tangey was seducing him. Jordan tells Nina that that's not how it happened, and Nina, who maintains a blank face, believes Tangey must have told someone. Jordan says they hooked up but weren't drinking.  

Paige arrives at Gold Brothers Studios and stops at the parking booth. She tells the security guard posted there good morning and that she's Paige Townsen "without the d". He asks if she has a drive-on, and she responds that she should have one. She adds that he could just call her Paige, and reads his name tag. Paige tells Alberto, his guard's name, that she is going to be coming in and out of here a lot. A car who is waiting behind her beeps their horn at her while she continues saying they could be on a first-name basis. He asks for a photo I.D., and Paige relents. She digs through her purse, looking for her driver's license. She finds a card and hands it to him. Alberto sees that it's her school I.D. card and hands it back to her, telling her he needs her driver's license. The car beeps again as Paige tells him that she's the same girl in the picture. But he's stubborn and tells her to make a U-turn. Paige, not wanting to miss the first day of work, frantically searches her purse and Alberto calls security. Suddenly, Rainer appears beside her in a flashy silver sports car. The security gate instantly opens for him. He greets Paige and Alberto asks him if he knows Paige, to which he replies that she will be a big star. Rainer leaves as Alberto lets Paige inside the studios.  

Jordan is leaving Nina's house as Nina begs him to stop. She says there is a lot riding up to the casting party tomorrow. They're over budget, but the studios are looking the other way. Nina can't have him chasing after Hopper, but Jordan says he can't have the world going after Tangey for something they both did. Nina says she'll fix it; she invested everything in "Locked" and she knows how much needs the movie to work out. Jordan understands, but Nina still tells him to stay away from Rainer and Hopper until she has a chance to work everything out, and to not talk to Tangey until she talks with her manager. Jordan nods as Nina leaves.

Paige is waiting in Nina's office as she arrives. Paige stands up but Nina insists she sits back down as she herself sits behind her desk. She asks Paige how's it going, with the college student replying that she's a little nervous. Nina asks if she needs a doctor: they can get her on a mood stabilizer, and also asks if she's seen Giselle yet. Paige says she's going to meet later this afternoon, as she sounds nice. Nina says she's a backstabbing bitch but the best stylist I'm town. Paige once again thanks her again for letting her bring her friends to the party tomorrow night. She confirms Nina's next question that she is excited, but there's this class she's going to miss but it's okay but she's going to get the notes from someone else. Nina tells her she assumed Paige was taking a gap year. Paige corrects her, believing she can do the movie and stay in school and unsuccessfully argues her case to a disbelieving Nina. The older woman tells the younger that the role of August Roch is bigger in the films that in the books. Bring a movie star isn't just a part time job, and she has to make a choice - either she commits to the movie or spend the rest of her life doing math.

At a large mansion in the hills, Brody asks Cassie if there's any chance she could come over more than once a week. Cassie, who seems to be packing up, tells him she has school. Brody, however, is insistent and offers to pay her an extra fifty. A thoughtful Cassie agrees, saying she can make it work. Brody smiles, saying he's looking forward to it. He tells her to let herself out and leaves. Cassie herself later leaves.

At Gold Brothers Studies, a flashy blue car illegally parks itself sideways next to Jake's yellow convertible. Paige, who is coming to the car, tells the driver they booked her in, but then Alexis Glenn gets out of the vehicle. Paige is starstruck, saying she never missed an episode of her T. V. show "Back Splash" and that Alexis' character, Becky Barnes, was her hero. Alexis replies that she was America's sweetheart as she takes out her pen for an autograph, asking to whom does she make it out to. Paige thanks her, as tells her her name. Alexis recognizes her name as that of the girl who stole the role of August in "Locked" from her, clarifying that she's the female lead. Paige confirms it, saying it's her first big role in a movie. Alexis says it's obvious and proceeds to walk away. Paige is confused, and Alexis turns around to clarify that just because Paige won a callback with a push-up bra and fake hair extensions doesn't mean she's an actress. She walks up to her face announcing that the part still isn't officially hers until the cameras start rolling. Alexis leaves, leaving a shocked Paige behind.

At Nina's office, a sassy Ida Turner, followed by her daughter Tangey, announces all those stories in the press are nothing but lies and says she's considering taking legal action. Nina asks if their friends, with Ida replying "Ish". She recommends to the manager to fight bad press with good press. Ida says she's listening. Nina asks if Tangey covers the main song for "Locked". The mother-daughter duo look at each other, with Ida replying that that'll create some buzz. But what's in it for Nina? Throwing a casting party tomorrow would show the world that Tangey, Jordan and Rainer are still friends. Tangey says if it means good press she'll do it. Ida says if she needs to reconcile with Rainer, they can make it happen, much to Tangey's protests. Nina says that they can let the kids work out their personal lives and Ida agrees.

At Wyatt's trailer, Alexis is complaining that she delivered a good audition and questions why they gave the part to an amateur. Wyatt says he didn't make any promises, and that Paige Townsen ended up being the best part for the role. Alexis asks about the role of the dumbass sister, but Wyatt says he's going to offer it to someone else. Alexis says she wants the part as she needs it - things have been going slow for her lately. Wyatt says he isn't sure she's right for the part. A crestfallen Alexis leaves for the door, but rather locks it and pulls down the window's shades. Alexis pulls down the zipper of her shirt, seductively asking if there's a way she can audition privately. Wyatt gets up and asks her to stop. He admits to her that he likes her - really likes her. Alexis is confused, but he says he. wants to take her out for dinner. She's shocked, but nervously says "fine".

A nervous Paige paces as Cassie asks her who is going to be at the casting party. Paige says Nina made it sound as if she can't do the movie and do school together, and she believes her, as the spreadsheets don't lie. The doorbell rings, and Paige comments that they're here.

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