Barrett's Killer is the anonymous person responsible for confronting, shooting, and ultimately murdering Barrett Hopper outside his office.

Barrett was going to reveal Rainer's true parentage, as well as Jordan's real past and affair with Nina, the next morning before he was murdered. His killer's likeliest motive was to prevent any of this information from being made public.


Suspect Possible Motive(s) And Notes
Jordan Wilder - His career would be over, as he lied about his past and had an affair with Nina Devon.
Nina Devon - Her job would be on the line, as well as the production of Locked.

- Her relationship with Rainer would deteriorate.

Alan Mills - His job, as well as any bonds with Rainer would be jeopardized.
Tangey Turner - Protecting Jordan and his past.
Brandy Michaels - Protecting Jordan and his past.


  • Barrett seemed to recognize who the suspect was before he died, as he asked the person "What do you want?" before they shot him. So, Barrett must have met and interacted with the perpetrator before.

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