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  • Princess Diva

    Already the finale?! ;( I'm so sad I'm already done binging the entire season but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! The finale was really, really epic, and here are my thoughts! Spoilers will follow... Only click Expand if you've seen it!

    Everyone is going through so much right now and the finale was such a dramatic way to wrap everything up! I loved it though! This show needs to be renewed for a Season 2 as soon as possible! I can't wait for more!

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  • Princess Diva

    Raige or Jaige?

    April 20, 2017 by Princess Diva

    Raige or Jaige? Or someone else? Let us know! ;)

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  • Asnow89

    Team Rainer or Team Jordan

    October 20, 2015 by Asnow89


    Let's discuss the hotties of the Famous in Love (Book Series)... Rainer Devon and Jordan Wilder. Which one are you rooting for? Which actor do you imagine playing these characters?

    Discuss in the comments below!

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