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Charlie DePew is an American actor from Pasadena, California. He was born on May 22, 1996. A passionate storyteller, Charlie would spend hours in front of family and friends reenacting movies, speaking casually in accents, and doing impressions. His "big break" happened at his elementary school where he was cast to play Charlie Brown in his sixth grade play.

Appearing as Emma Stone's younger brother in The Amazing Spider-man (2012) and The Amazing Spider-man 2 (2014) Charlie eventually moved on to play prominent recurring roles on Awkward (2014) and The Goldbergs (2015). He also made his mark on Mad Men's Midseason 7 finale (2014) with Kiernan Shipka.

Charlie portrays Jake in the Freeform television series Famous in Love.


  • Charlie replaced another actor, Jesse Henderson, who initially starred in the pilot, after the character was re-envisioned.[1]




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