Throughout Famous In Love, several known celebrities have made special guest cameos, often playing themselves or a fictionalized version of themselves, and interacted with the main characters.

As of "Leaving Los Angeles", a total of five celebrities, four of them in pairs, have made special appearances.


# (Order) Name Episode Occupation Scene
1 Ethan and Grayson Dolan

"Not So Easy A"

YouTubers Appeared when Paige, Cassandra, and Jake where at lunch to meet up with a possible agent for Paige. Said that their fans are obsessed with Locked.
2 Stephen "tWitch" Boss

"Some Like It Not" and "Secrets & Pies"

D.J. and Professional Dancer Appeared as to teach Paige to dance in preparation for a scene with Rainer. Also attended Paige's 21st Birthday Party as an attendee.
3 Ben Higgens and Lauren Bushnell

"Secrets & Pies"

Reality Stars Appeared in a stairwell as Paige was leaving work.