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Rachel Davis is a supporting character of the TV series, Famous In Love. She is portrayed by Katelyn Tarver. Rachel is a former broadway star from New York City who had chemistry with Alexis Glenn.

Early Life

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Throughout the Series


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Rachel is timid, and kind, but she also knows when to cut someone off. She can be selfish at times, but also is caring, shown when she falls for Alexis after her fake tears.

When she comes back to town, old feelings with Alexis come back and they end up dating, which goes awry when Rachel gets the part in the Locked movie and Alexis doesn't want to go public with her sexuality.

Later, when Nina kicks Rachel off the movie in favor of Tangey, she is bitter and blames Alexis. She then trashes her apartment, leaving Alexis single and full of vengeance.

Alexis tricks Rachel into feeling sorry for her and puts on a dramatic show with fake tears at a lunch with Rachel and the producer for Jake's new movie. She then lures her into having sex with her again, but unbeknownst to Rachel, films a sex tape, which Alexis releases publicly and blames on her.

Physical Appearance

She has golden blonde hair with brown eyes. Her figure is slim and she is tall. She is also very fashionable. She has a very expensive and modern attire.


Alexis Glenn

The relationship between Alexis and Rachel pre-dates the series. Rachel was upset with Alexis because she was trying to hide their relationship from the public, and Rachel didn't want to sneak around. She thought Alexis wanted to be "just friends" in public, so she became angry. Later, when she was fired from the Locked movie to make room for Tangey, she immediately blamed Alexis and trashed her home.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Absent
A Star is Torn Appears
Not So Easy A Appears
Prelude to a Diss Absent
Some Like It Not Absent
Found in Translation Absent
Secrets & Pies Appears
Crazy Scripted Love Absent
Fifty Shades of Red Appears
Leaving Los Angeles Appears


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