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Raige is the relationship between Rainer Devon and Paige Townsen. [1] They truly care for one another, and rely on eachother for support. While they are not dating officially, they have serious chemistry and feelings for eachother, and have kissed several times. 

In "Leaving Los Angeles", Rainer is silently begging Paige to tell the press they're dating just as Jake interrupts the duo's press conference to declare his love for her, creating a dramatic love triangle.

Television seriesEdit

Season 1Edit

In "Prelude to a Diss", Rainer asks Paige out on their first official date with his signature "girlfriend necklace", making Paige feel like she's nothing special. Paige turns him down, and tells him that they should wait before they start dating. During the shooting of a kissing scene between August and Noah, their real feelings shine through and they continue kissing even after the scene's "CUT" is announced. Rainer tells her later that he felt the chemistry, and he knows it was more than just acting. 

After Rainer's breakdown in "Fifty Shades of Red", Paige is there for Rainer and supports him while he gets through his battles, and especially the press conference.





  1. Carter and Bella confirm their ship name

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