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The Three Amigos is a group of best friends that consists of Paige Townsen, Cassandra Perkins, and Jake Salt


The three seemed to have all met freshman year at California Metro University. At some point, later on, the friends moved in together in an apartment. They are really close, loving and supporting each other, but Jake holds romantic feelings for Paige that she may or may not return, something Cassie notices. Paige, however, chooses not to act on it to maintain their friendship.

Among taking other classes, Cassandra loves theater while Jake likes his playwriting class, and both dream of making it big and successful. Paige, meanwhile, is too focused on school and her education to think of what she wants to be.

When Paige is unexpectedly cast as the lead actress for the popularly-anticipated movie Locked, Jake and Cassie are visibly proud and supportive of her.

However, as time progresses, Cassie, working as a topless maid for tuition, develops a rising jealousy of Paige and her newfound fame, as she is living out Cassie's dreams. When Jake and Paige find out about Cassie's unorthodox work, beg her to stop, but she won't because she needs money. Cassie confesses her jealousy to Paige, and moves out of the apartment, further straining their friendship as she doesn't want to live in Paige's shadow.

Jake, however, is quite happy with Paige finally acting on her desires to be an actress with gaining a lead role in a big film as he himself and his screenplay are discovered by an agent with the help of Alexis Glenn. However, after he is robbed of his producer's and writer's credit for his own screenplay, Jake decides to drop out of school and move to Austin, Texas for a great hands-on opportunity for producing. Paige, heartbroken of being left alone, begs him to stay, but he leaves. Jake returns, however, finally proclaiming his love of Paige, right in the middle of the movie's press conference and in front of Rainer Devon, Jake's enemy jealousy-wise for Paige's affections.

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